The Data Wrangler provides research, data analysis, program/outcome evaluation, and grantwriting services to public, private and non-profit organizations. Medical/health writing and editing services are also available.
With a doctorate in research psychology and and graduate degrees in Social Work and English, Dr. McClive-Reed brings over 20 years of experience in health, mental health, and medical writing and research to your project.
DESIGN SERVICES: Program evaluation design; creation of original surveys and interviews; validated scale research and selection; web and/or print survey design.
DATA MANAGEMENT AND ANALYSIS SERVICES: Coding and analysis of data for quantitative or qualitative analysis; demographic and psychometric analyses; advanced techniques including SEM (structural equation modeling) and RERM (random effects regression modeling/mixed models); use of basic or advanced analytic tools and programs, including Excel, Access, SPSS, SAS, LISREL, AMOS, and ATLAS*TI.
SCIENTIFIC COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES: Scientific/medical writing; grantwriting; academic literature reviews; academic and medical editing.RESEARCH PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Program/outcome evaluation; evidence-based program (EBP) development and evaluation; targeted funding research and grantwriting services.

Kim McClive-Reed, MA, LMSW, PhD

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